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      Ningbo Shijia Cleaning Tools,
      20 years of innovation to make housework easier.
      We uphold service,
      innovation, speed,
      adhere to the spirit of enterprise,
      to develop MR.SIGA trendy
      series products.

      R & D TEAM


      Our efforts not just appearance, and even more, easy to use. I am industrial design, I am endorsing myself.


      Careful in logic, perfect in structure, we are happy to do that. I am Structural design, I am endorsing myself.


      Chasing for detail and outstanding works, innovative driving me power. I am graphic design, I am endorsing myself.

      R & D STRENGTH

      Strength of our R&D

      Ningbo Shijia, 20 years of innovation to make housework easier. We invited Italian Designer and co-operate with universities to develop products together. Develop a strong Research & Development team to increase our R&D capabilities, Service, innovation, speed, adhere to the spirit of enterprise, to became one of the most leading brands of domestic & oversea cleaning supplies.

      All you needs is to giving us your concept, MR.SIGA development team can help you design a range of products, and put it into production. We have professional management team to help achieve your idea to develop an innovative products. We can make products based on your idea, through research and development, input to our designer brains and our large development data base, our designers will make prototype then, testing and modify it, market assessment, adjustment programs, etc....... and finally an product is born and becomes an qualify products for production.